Sorry and merry Christmas and happy new year!

This blog should be titled “The penitent Christian”. I haven’t blogged according to my schedule. Again. For, like, the 10th time.

But getting a notification of a new follower during Christmas time has motivated me to write this post!

Christmas: the third most import event in the church’s calendar (following Good Friday and Easter). We must never forget the work Jesus did on the cross. He could have still come down and died for us without having been born as a human; this would still ensure our eternal life.

But that would be a more distant god’s style. Our God is a mighty God, but yet so intimate and loving. He came down as a human because He loves us. He didn’t send us a prophet, although He could of. HE was born as a HUMAN, because He loves us. He loves us enough to have shared our human experiences. We sing He was a quiet baby, but having read the 4 Gospels I couldn’t find reference to that anywhere.

So I like to believe He came into this world covered in miscellaneous birth fluids, balling like a baby. Not the most glorious of starts for the King of Kings. And that’s the point! I feel this set the tone of His life up to His 30th-ish birth. Running, falling, getting abrasions, dusting Himself off, laughing, crying: your usual human experiences.

As God slowly revealed Jesus’ life work to Him, His divinity started revealing itself. But until His resurrection, Jesus was still human. He suffered temptation, He feared, He rejoiced.

And so, as the Christmas madness is winding down, I wish you a contemplative and very happy new year!! Rejoice in Jesus’ will to share our human experience; He loves you!

Peace be with you,


A revised opinion of homosexuality

Ok, so this seems to come up a lot with my pondering about life. I’ve been trying to streamline my feelings on the topic, getting a coherent argument together. And while this won’t be the end of it, I feel this an improvement on my previous opinion.

I don’t know (I really have no idea) if I can condone homosexuality. I do know I can’t damn anyone to hell for it though.

Jesus tells us the greatest commandment is to love God with everything we have. The second is to love our neighbour as ourselves. This leads us to the argument that love also corrects. Which is true. If someone is stealing we get them to stop and repent. If someone is struggling with money as an idol we advise them and love them. If someone has a problem with alcohol we get them into rehab. If I were struggling with any of these things I’d want my neighbour to love me like that.

But homosexuality? That’s different. While I’m not homosexual and don’t know the struggles going on inside a gay person, I understand that they’re confused. They’re also not hurting anyone else. They may be hurting themselves, but I feel that’s more due to the feelings of guilt.

I know if I were confused about my place in the world like most gay Christians probably are, I’d want my fellow believers to love me and help me get to the truth. And I truly believe that most Christians are like that: loving and withholding of judgement. And that I feel is the Christian thing to do. The debate about accepting homosexuality is entirely secondary to the community homosexuals deserve to feel from heterosexual Christians.

So what I can do is apologise for the Westboro Baptists, and if you are gay, I promise God loves you as His child, and most Christians (myself included) love you as a brother or sister in Christ.

Have a splendid second half of the week and peace be with you,

Trying something new

Ok guys, now I know I said I’d post every two weeks….which was 2 months ago. The problem was I always had grand illusions about this blog. I expected to be writing bi-weekly intellectual articles, spurring big debates in the comments sections.

However, I’m not smart enough to have a sufficiently interesting intellectual thought every two weeks for a 400 word post. But I do have small thoughts, maybe making up 100 words. And I realise the debates were just my own vain hope.

And so I’m trying something new. I’m going to post regularly about what small but notable things I have thought of. Occasionally I’ll get into a big enough stew to write a full length blog post. What follows is a thought I had this morning, and was going to make it a Facebook status. But I realised the 1 person who reads my blog might appreciate it more:

“The beauty of science and nature is that it shows us there is a God, and His hand is mighty indeed. It’s also true, and was, is and always will be the same truth. It’s not subject to petty human interpretations. And that I think is how God is. He was, is and always will be God, no matter how we see Him. However, God is also love. And science and nature aren’t too big on love; they are cold. Beautiful but cold. And humans need love, which is fully expressed through Jesus. And so the physical world, without Jesus, is an inhospitable place indeed.”

Have a blessed week, and come back in a week or so, I promise to have something new for you.

Peace be with you,